Rotarian Dr. Sathaporn "Sam" Vathayanon



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Rotarian Dr. Sathaporn "Sam" Vathayanon, a Thai-American cardiothoracic surgeon from Fresno, California, helps victims of the tsunami using a makeshift clinic in the Phang-Nga province of Thailand. Phang-Nga province is one of six southern Thai provinces hardest hit by the tsunami and Rotarians in all six provinces delivered supplies of food and basic necessities to victims for weeks afterward. Members of the Rotary Club of Phang-Nga, the only club in the devastated province, co-ordinated and distributed donations with the help of Rotarians through-out Thailand's southern district. The Phang-Nga Rotarians made more than 20 supply runs in January alone. Many Rotarians personally distributed rations to survivors. "Operation Rotary Cares", the national relief effort co-ordinated by Thai Rotarians, has funded 25 new homes and a new road in the Phang-Nga province. Appeared in "The Rotarian," June 2005, p. 14-15.
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